Дэлхий ээж тандаа би хайртай
World Poetry Days in Mongolia

Homage to G Mend Ooyo and his book entitled “Golden Hill”


Homage to G Mend Ooyo and his book entitled “Golden Hill”

G Mend Ooyo, is a superb writer, essentially is a poet who inscribes his lyric in both, poets and prose. His book entitled “Golden Hill” is a master piece which transports the readers into the steppes, people, history, and mystery of Mongolia. In the book nature and mind are united and presented in a poetic suggestive symbiosis.

Where is its end?
Where is its beginning?
Many roads
Like a riddle,
Riding slowly
Over the earth,



I initially imagined my Golden Hill as a silver bridle-stud upon the ground of Heaven. That was winter [.]
That was autumn, Thus, I committed an image of Golden Hill to paper in each of the four seasons, [.]

This book is well integrated and flows from history to present, from poetry to poetic relates, from tragedy to nirvana, from memory to feelings, from intensity to extension. Reading this book, Golden Hill became me, and I in a magic transformation, see myself as a mirror which reflects the various images of it. Yes, that was the author’s prophesy:


To make these offerings fits this composition of mine.
​Moving my Golden Hill at the heart of the world!


Thanks Dr. Mend Ooyo for this brilliant book!



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Vice President- World Academy of Arts and Culture
President-Israel Physicians for Peace and Preservation of the Environment &
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