Дэлхий ээж тандаа би хайртай
World Poetry Days in Mongolia


A poetry collection featuring the poetry of Mend-Ooyo published in France

A poetry collection, "Tous ces moments de lumière - poèmes de G.Mend-Ooyo", has recently been published in France. It features a select few of Mend-Ooyo's poems translated into French by Imre P.Zoldos, Patrick Fishman, S. Bulgantamir, T. Tumurhulug, Raphaël Blanchier, and Khurelbaatar. Compiled along with the translated poems are some of his calligraphy, both of his own creation as well as those based on his poetry.

Mongolists talking about G.Mend-Ooyo’s work

In June of 2016, The 7th International Conference was held under the theme “Issues of Far Eastern Literatures” in Saint-Peterburg, Russia. 5 of the panels of the conference dealt with the theme, Literature of Far East and South East Asia: Past and Present. Of those, two scholars wrote papers on Mend-Ooyo’s works. One is the Bulgarian mongolist, Dr. Fedotoff Alexander, from Sofia University. His paper was titled, “About the Poetry of Gombojav Mend-Ooyo”. The other one is Mrs. Marina Petrova, from the Eastern Studies department of Saint-Peterburg University in Russia. Her paper, “Life and Amazing Advanture of Toroi Bandi in the novel 'Mountain Shiliin Bogd'”. She also mentioned Mend-Ooyo’s novels “Gegeenten” and “Shiliin Bogd” in her paper titled, “The Mongolian Novels of the XXI century” at the 11th World Mongolists Conference held in August, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Poetry collection published in Bulgarian

The poetry collection of poet G.Mend-Ooyo was published in Sofia, Bulgaria. Prof. Alexander Fedotoff, a scholar of Mongolian studies translated the poems into Bulgarian and wrote the introduction. Dr. Lyudmila Klasanova worked on the illustration of the book. The book was published by Kameя publishing house.

Pier della Francesco’s paintings transformed into poetry

Pier della Francesco was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Mrs. Dana Prescott edited and introduced the anthology called "Feathers from the Angel's Wing" which features poems inspired by the paintings of Pier della Francesco.
Mongolian poet G.Mend-Ooyo’s wrote a poem "The Pregnant Madonna" during his residency at the Civitella castle in Umbria, Italy in 2014.  The poem was included in the anthology and he was invited to read the poem at the book launch held at the the Notre Dame University in Rome. At the event, he gifted a copy of his latest novel "Shiliin Bogd"  (The Sacred Mountain), to the library of the Civitella Rainery Foundation in which he completed the last chapter of the novel.

Lecture at the Mongolian Educational University

On the 11th of May, the great composer Mr. B.Sharav, and I were invited by the Mongolian Educational University, from which we both graduated, to give a lecture. We are the only artists to have received the Order of Chinggis Khaan, highest honor of Mongolia. It was nice to give a lecture to the students in hall number 312, where I myself had listened to many lectures from my teachers when I was a student. I have also donated some of my books to the library of the university.

"The Wheel of Time" poetry collection released

After years of hard work, I have finally released my poetry book, titled "The Wheel of Time", named after a poem I wrote in 1982. Many of my current readers don't know the Poetry of my younger days, nor do these readers have access to a wide collection of poems due to the scarcity of published Poetry books.

Thus, I present to you, my readers, a hand-selected collection of my poetry from 40 years of writing, organized into 4 chapters of 10 years each. It would be the happy result of my years of writing poetry that a single poem or even a single line shines into the heart of a reader.

"The Minds Steppe" released

I have named the second part of my collection of essays, vignettes, and memoirs "The Mind`s Steppe". 
I was enthused by the warm reception of my book "When the river clears", published just before the turn of the new year. Sh. Norjinbat and D. Onchinsuren of the " Deloitte Onch Audit" company who sponsored and covered the publishing costs of my last book have once again extended me a helping hand, toward "The Mind`s Steppe". I am elated to share a novel connection with these two young people, who have shown to be patrons of knowledge and Culture. I will return their kindness and trust by writing a good book.

Donated books to Mongolian National Library

On April 29th, 2016, under the "Language and Culture" program of Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry, which I direct, we donated 100 books published after 2006 to the Mongolian National Library. These books include books translated from Mongolian to various languages, such as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Bengali and Macedonian, as well as those translated from various foreign languages to Mongolian by Mongolian translators.