Дэлхий ээж тандаа би хайртай
World Poetry Days in Mongolia




This is the golden book called The Jade Key, which opens the highly secret box of beryl, describing the origins of creatures on the wheel of destiny, in the sky and on the earth.

...the people of the stars shone brightly upon the canopy of Heaven.  Mounted on pyramids amid the total nothingness, they descended to the unknown mountains.  At that time, our world was pitch black.  Light radiated from the pyramids and lit up the darkness.  In the light, it could be seen that there was no water flowing, no grass growing - there was absolutely nothing.  The shining people went searching in all directions.  They searched, but they found nothing, and returned by the light of their pyramids, standing on the wooded mountains.  But for no reason, they went looking again.  They wandered around and there was a path through the world...

...as they searched, the scanty food and drink they had ran out and there was nothing to be found.  Their energy was weakened.  They searched for assistance from the canopy of Heaven and winged horses came flying down.  The horses were how the gods appeared.  Riding upon the winged horses, the shining people made another journey, but found neither companions nor the furthest edges.  But they did not despair.  An invisible, hidden force compelled them and they said that they would not go back, but struggle on towards their goal.  The winged horses kicked up fire as they galloped, closer and closer to the end...

...for the first time, when they landed, the mountain was visible.  It had absorbed the light of the people and the light of the pyramids and was itself illumined.  And so, the shining mountain towered, alone, over the dark world.  From the rock there radiated colored lights and from the soil there grew grass.
Finally, there was glistening dew.  Clouds of dew rose up and from them fell rain.  Springs flowed from the rain, and formed a lake.  At the center of the shining world, covered over by the greenness of grass, there towered the golden mountain, alone and without end.  The shining people grew accustomed to this sight...

...and there were many other things.  The people drank from the water and enjoyed diving into it.  Fruit flourished.  This joyful place was on the solitary mountain.  Far away, it remained pitch black and it was said that there were creatures, unseen in the shadows.  These animals strove to approach the light.
The shining people were without wickedness.  They grew used to the cycle of the light and took refuge in it.  Innumerable living creatures developed faith in the light.  They trusted the grasses and the water.  The light in the world was small and, because the groups which came together in it were large, the space became crowded and they looked down on each other and did evil...

...and the clear light of the shining people decreased.  The darkness grew lighter, and evil was illuminated, and this was good.  The temperature greatly increased.  Many children were born.  The pyramid did not function well as a home.  Looking to the stars in the canopy of heaven, they found the ger.  They copied the pyramid and produced gers.  Life became an individual affair.  A distinction developed between high and low.  The canopy of the gers met with the canopy of heaven and received the light.  From this emerged the fire in the hearth.  The fire flamed ever upwards...

...heaven and earth joined together, and wisdom and abilities greatly increased.
They journeyed from place to place and the crops they sowed grew tall.  Some of them became lazy and hung back, secretly taking from the others' crops, and thus theft and banditry developed.  As they skulked idly about, their light went out and they appeared dark and became shadows.  The words of the shining people brought forth goodness.  There was a myriad of words.  In the end, they stabbed their words into their bodies.  With gentle words they softened the harshness.  Good words are vast, and so were able to repair human crookedness...

...and the light which shone upon the earth softened the frozen earth and rivers and streams began to flow.  Winged creatures were born.  It was springtime.  From such great happiness there arose the summer.  While they reveled in the pleasures and joys of the summer, the mountain grew melancholy and the heavens brought forth obstacles.  The crops withered and it turned to autumn.  The people developed insight, and they warmed their homes.  They prepared the fire.  They learnt skills.  And so it became winter.  The people worked more and more.  The great powers came together and spring came, binding the frozen ice and snow.  And so the four seasons turned.  And the people's thoughts also kept going round and round...

...light and dark were everywhere distinct.  Black and white quarreled together.  Heat and cold clashed against one another.  Good and bad exchanged blows.  And so chaos ensued.  Robbery and violence and noise took up residence of the dark countries, stalking ever closer towards the light.  Arguments arose from craving the goodness of the light countries.  There was a patchwork of experiences, various ups and downs.  The shining people grew determined, the light piled out of their bodies and created a ball of fire, which rose, shining, into the sky.  All the people equally gave worship to the light and there arose the replenishing cycles of the earth, taking birth and dying, arising and fading away...