Timeless is a very problematic moniker to attach to art, for it bespeaks the somehow otherworldly and the distant. But the world inhabited by G Mend-Oyoo’s poems and narratives can easily fall into the catch of timeless, they are as particles of memory in the modern world, gravid visions in a haze of exhaust fumes.
Mend-Oyoo is perhaps equally timeless, but in a very Mongolian fashion. He is forever taking calls on his cellphone, forever heading this way and that in some vehicle or other; but he thinks like an ancient man, slowly, deliberately and with care, and like a spiritual man, with compassion and with lips of prayer.


by D.Urinahai
Foreword to G.Mend-Ooyo's Altan Ovoo

The pure spiritual world created through the act of naming - "Shiliin Bogd...the White Hill of Gangi, Dösh...Ganga Nuur, Bayan Duulan ...the Tufted Sands...Paradise...Duut Nuur, Lung Khairkhan …Kharaat...the Trio...the Khörög Tableland..." – the candle of these blessings is the tethered sun of Mend-Ooyo’s poetic mind, of shamans’ thoroughbreds, of the shining herd, and this is the mountainous Khangai, scattered with the dung of camels. Within the breast of this poet, who has the blessing of the Buddhas, whose eyes observe and whose mind makes manifest, is the skyblue land of Dara (the savior) and Ganga (the Mother-origin), it is the world in microcosmic vision.

Digest Letter to All Shining Moments - Takis Ioannides

I named your book as a “camel-book”, because it travelled me in the Mongolian steppes and your soul as well, as an alive vehicle. Africa’s people name camel as “SHIP OF DESERT”. For me your book is a “Ship-of-soul”, because it travelled me in Mongolia. It touched my soul’s chords.      

When I finished the translation, I made a test. I show a poem of your book ( I am coming to you) to a colleague. When he read it, he told me at once. “Taki, upon this book will be issued, I want to buy a copy”! I am interested to read it all.

A few heartfelt remarks about Dr. Gombojavyn MEND-OOYO’s poem

by Dr. Imre P. Zsoldos svd
I am very sorry that I could express my ideas about this poem translated from Mongolian into the English language. I am absolutely sure that your original wording in your mother tongue is much more beautiful and artistic. I must also say that the translator did an excellent job. In translated poems I often can find terrible grammatical mistakes in the Far East.
Congratulations again to you and all your fellow-poets for their immense effort to make Mongolia’s gems and pearls available to all the poets of the world.

G.Mend-Ooyo gives us a meaningful welcome into the culture of MONGOLIA

Rosemary Regiina Challoner Wilkinson,

G.Mend-Ooyo gives us a meaningful welcome into the culture of MONGOLIA., his beloved country, its heritage, tradition and literature sprinkled with the spiritual and physical land of the camel’s duties plus pleasure.

We travel with another in such a loving, elevated upliftment of spirit reading this book beckoning us to MONGOLIA, land of unique discovery, so many times of quiet the busy world yearns for all the more each day. The good feelings this writing stirs in us is so special compelling us to want to read and finish in one reading.

Discovery of the majestic existence of Mongolian culture in the poetry of G.Mend-Ooyo.

Ya.Baatar (Dr., Prof.)
G.Mend-Ooyo's poetry is not easy to everyone, but it is a valuable art expressing the sophisticated professional skills that bring the reader to a high level of thought, comprehension and artistry. Poets began to recognize the value of his works long before scholars did. Today, as light, commercial works suited to sedentary civilization dominate society and world literature, G.Mend-Ooyo continues to produce remarkable works of a high artistic calibre, conveying discoveries of the nature of the beautiful taste and thinking of the nomads.