Deigest to

Deigest to

I believe in the power of prayer, I get energezied each time when I pray, I am filled with new insights, inspirations, hopes and plans. I can reminisce all the beauty I experienced in this mad and cruel world. I cannot accept that God wants us to be unhappy on earth. All the sufferings are somehow related to our shortseeing, egotism, greed, uncontrolled passions, impatience, restless mind and heart. Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism and even Islam and all the religions aim at soothing these pains and doleful tribulations, they are certainly not “opium for the people” as Marx thought but real medicine, the best medicines we care have to somehow face life and accept it as it is, but with the relolute and strong intention too, to improve it, make it a better world, at the place where we are, where we work and not to do harm to anybody, be just, tell the truth even if it hursts sometime. This is our most important task. This is what I find in your new book also. You are such a great and absolutely first class poet. You have such a sharp eagle eye to notice this and express it in such a way that it irradiates all the optimism of your heart. Your “Golden Hill” is a loud shrill to us all that we can be still feel optimistic and never should go downhill into a morass or a chaotic overkill of the beauty, goodness and other treasures we can find around us in the world, especially in our native country but everywhere where we look and try to understand deeper the idyll of God’s creation. Your “Golden Hill” gives me such a joy of thrill. My heart in filled with that incredible warmth which I have sensed in Mongolia last September.Your book will keep this fire and flame warm forever in our heart and all who have the chance to read it not just in Mongolian but even in the English translation as well. The English translator deserves all the praises and congratulations for finding time and choosing the most appropriate words to make everybody feel that you and your compatriotes love your country with all their heart, mind and soul.You are attached to your native country like an embryo to his/her mother’s heart, womb or uterus.

Generally speaking we can see, in reading a poem, very fast that only genuine poets like you can perk us to have this highly elevated spirits and feelings and share it with others. This is the great merit of your “Golden Hill”. So congratulatios again.

Prof. Imre P.Zsoldos,
poet, translator /Hungary/