"Mojata Питоми Лирика" poetry collection in Macedonia.
Translator Liitev Namdagjanchiv
Editor and foreword by ​Miloš Lindro

"Such unrepeatable moments of life are a means by which the poet draws closer to the hearts of readers through imagery, rhythm, scent, and intimacy, a music by which Heaven offers support. The power of nature in the broad, wild steppe is absorbed by a Mongolian nomad from the moment when they are born into the world of flesh and blood - without it, they cannot live. Nomadic herders in Mongolia become an inextricable part of the broad steppe, it is firmly rooted in their wisdom. As I read Mend-Ooyo’s poems, I receive a powerful impression, as a literary critic, that this is “pantheism.” But this word alone is insufficient to convey the force of this impression." by Miloš Lindro