Today I am a thousand riddles, ten thousand connections,
Like an iceberg, most of which is hidden in the ocean,
So my thoughts are hidden deep within my heart,
Concealed by the spirit of my country which inspires my mind.

I exist in the beauty of nature.
Its unfailing melodies can open me,
The distant stars and planets can open me,
The future and the passing of time can open me.

The many colors of the grainy sand can open me,
Affinity with moon and stars can open me,
The song and music of my friends can open me,
The sunlight and the spots upon the sun can open me.

The watching eyes of one nearby can open me,
My secret desire for them can open me,
Bitter words of jealousy and envy can open me,
Strong winds of hate can open me.

With his poetry, great Natsagdorj opens me,
With their wise words old men and scholars, open me,
My children, my flesh and blood, open me,
The inexplicable, unseen, unknown - these open me.

All history has created me, it opens me,
My life and struggles define and open me,
My voice and poetry can open me,
To touch the hearts of my countrymen can open me.

The last point of my life’s significance will open me,
Those who respect to me on that day will open me,
Flowers that grow around me will open me,
Remembrances of things past will open me.

Although the world is hidden within me,
With my thoughts concealed in my heart,
Everything and every moment opens me:
The universe opens itself through me.