Traveling through years and time, in company with the sun the moon,
Along the bumpy and winding roads left by old wise men,
Climbing up and down the high mountains and the hills,
Fording hundreds of rivers,
Although I do not know when we may meet,
I am thinking about the words that I will say to you.
    I am coming to you
My roads are open to icy winds and fire.
Although the mist of slander falls on them,
I free my transparent thoughts from any mark,
Untying all knots with my love.
Lashed by freezing winds,
I’m keeping onwards in my chosen direction,
    I am coming to you
Carrying together autumn’s grief and spring’s renewal,
Grasping the fire of my age and with the sun’s warmth in my hand,
Growing with the growing leaves and withering with them,
In a garden full of flowers and fruits,
I pass by a hand offering the glass of enjoyment,
Driven by my desire,

    I am coming to you
All my gentle thoughts of my journey,
All the sweet moment of my life,
And all my secrets, everywhere,
I bind together in the house of my spirit.
In time without beginning or end,
In space without limit,

    I am coming to you
Having only parts of my dreams,
Tasting in my own poetry the very basis of everything that is mine,
Wishing in your heart to tune the strings of inspiration,
Climbing the chasms of high mountains,
Following impassable paths,
Seeking the eternal song of the essence of love,

    I am coming to you

Translated by N.Enhkbayar