Digest Letter to All Shining Moments - Takis Ioannides

Digest Letter to All Shining Moments - Takis Ioannides

Dear G.Mend-Ooyo,

I named your book as a “camel-book”, because it travelled me in the Mongolian steppes and your soul as well, as an alive vehicle.    Africa’s people name camel as “SHIP OF DESERT”. For me your book is a “Ship-of-soul”, because it travelled me in Mongolia. It touched my soul’s chords.      

When I finished the translation, I made a test. I show a poem of your book ( I am coming to you) to a colleague. When he read it, he told me at once. “Taki, upon this book will be issued, I want to buy a copy”! I am interested to read it all.

That made me happy. I hope in the future to have the chance to translate another one book of yours. it will be my pleasure and honor.

My dear friend, a good book is an alive one. Especially a poetic book. If you read a novel, you must finish it in order to understand its meaning. But, if you open a book with poetry, it’s enough to read only some words and these travel you in the universe.,,,,, Platon said that ideas must be travelled everywhere on planet earth. Each poet has something to add to the system of human values. Poetry as you know is on the top af arts.  

With Love and Respect

Takis Ioannides